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Reference List in Alphabetical Order
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Click here for a pdf version of this List.  (309 titles)
1. The 4th Man: De Vierde Man [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0235  Notes: 99.1
2. Absolutely Fabulous: Series 1, Part 1 [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0075  Notes: 99.1
3. Absolutely Fabulous: Series 1, Part 2 [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0076  Notes: 99.1
4. Absolutely Fabulous: Series 2, Part 1 [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0077  Notes: 99.1
5. Absolutely Fabulous: Series 2, Part 2 [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0078  Notes: 99.1
6. Absolutely Fabulous: Series 3, Part 1 [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0079  Notes: 99.1
7. Absolutely Fabulous: Series 3, Part 2 [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0080  Notes: 99.1
8. Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout  [Video, VHS].  Call Number: V0097  Notes: 99.1
9. The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0229
Notes: 99.1
10. The All-Australia Issue [Video Series]. 1994 Apr. 2 hours (Network Q, Volume 3.0).
Call Number: V0283
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: australia/sydney/cairns/tasmania/new south wales/queensland/mardi gras/sane parker,
volleyball/parliament/gay games
11. Amazing Grace [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0096
Notes: 99.1
12. Amendment 2 On Hold [Video Series]. 1993 Feb. 2 hours (Network Q. Volume 1.6).
Call Number: V0270
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: military ban/colorado boycott/key west/dave pallone/sasha alyson/aspen/ski week/greg
araki/the living end/danny williams/comedy/torie osborn/los angeles/hiv/larry waites
13. Andrew Sullivan At Obelisk Bookstore [Video, VHS]. 60 minutes.
Call Number: V0116
Notes: 99.1
14. Another Country [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0180
Notes: 99.1
15. As Good As It Gets [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0209
Notes: 99.1
16. Atlantis 1991 [Video, VHS]. 1991.
Call Number: V0120
Notes: 99.1
17. Austin Fights The Right [Video Series]. 1994 May. 2 hours (Network Q, Volume 3.1).
Call Number: V0284
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: texas/austin/homeless youth/christian agenda/cancun/mexico/basketball/hreesome,
music/art/gay games
18. Barney Frankly On E.N.D.A. [Video, VHS]. 1998 Aug.
Call Number: V0294
Notes: 99.1 Karen Marshall
Abstract: narrated by Pat Schroeder
19. Beat The Bash [Video, VHS]. 90 minutes.
Call Number: V0061
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: tv version/theater version
20. Beautiful Thing [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0181
Notes: 99.1
21. Because This Is About Love: Gay & Lesbian Marriage/Out In America [Video, VHS]. 1991 Jun.
Call Number: V0132
Notes: 99.1
22. Being At Home With Claude [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0178
Notes: 99.1
23. A Bigger Splash [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0088
Notes: 99.1
24. Bill T. Jones: Still/Here [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0034
Notes: 99.1
25. The Blue Hour [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0090
Notes: 99.1
26. Boys Life: Three Stories of Love, Lust, and Liberation [VHS Video]. Strand Releasing.
Call Number: V0327
Notes: 00.1 John Dunham
Abstract: boys life/friend of dorothy/the disco years
27. Boys' Shorts [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0176
Notes: 99.1
28. Breaking The Code [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0174
Notes: 99.1
29. Breaking The Surface: The Greg Louganis Story [Video, VHS]. 1997. 95 minutes.
Call Number: V0117
Notes: 99.1
30. Burden Of Proof/Out There III [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0058
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: supreme court on Colorado amendment 2/gay comedy
31. Californians Against Proposition 102: Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker [Video, VHS]. 10 minutes.
Call Number: V0038
Notes: 91.9
32. Catalina Preview Video 3 [Video, VHS]. 1995.
Call Number: V0215
Notes: 99.1
33. Catalina Preview Video 5 [Video, VHS]. 1989.
Call Number: V0217
Notes: 99.1
34. Catalina Preview Video 6 [Video, VHS]. 1992.
Call Number: V0216
Notes: 99.1
35. Catalina Preview Video 7 [Video, VHS]. 1993.
Call Number: V0218
Notes: 99.1
36. Catalina Preview Video 8 [Video, VHS]. 1995.
Call Number: V0219
Notes: 99.1
37. Catalina Preview Video 9 [Video, VHS]. 1995.
Call Number: V0220
Notes: 99.1
38. The Celluloid Closet [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0086
Notes: 99.1
39. Change In The Air [Video Series]. 1993 Jan. 2 hours (Network Q, Volume 1.5).
Call Number: V0269
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: navy/military ban/keith meinhold/david mixner/massachusetts/provincetown/funny gay
males/west hollywood/lavender accessories/pam walton/hiv/larry waites/dykeotomy/deborah fort
gay porn awards
40. Claire Of The Moon [Video, VHS]. 1993. 102 minutes.
Call Number: V0054
Notes: 99.1
41. Congressional Gay and Lesbian Staff Panel [Video, VHS]. 1995 May.
Call Number: V0302
Notes: 99.1 Silverstein & Friskopp
42. The Crying Game [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0183
Notes: 99.1
43. Democratic Convention [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0040
Notes: 99.1
44. Desert Hearts [Video, VHS]. 1987 Jan.
Call Number: V0171
Notes: 99.1
45. Different For Girls [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0195
Notes: 99.1
46. Disappear Fear: Gay Comedy Jam [Video Series]. 1994 Nov. 2 hours (Network Q, Volume 3.7).
Call Number: V0290
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: illinois/chicago/out at work/police/midwest/caritas network/bed & breakfast/party/dorothy
knudson/comedy/scott kennedy/kevin maye/riscilla,/australia
47. Dona Herlinda y su Hijo/Dona Herlinda and Her son [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0199
Notes: 99.1
48. An Early Frost/Harvey Milk [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0164
Notes: 99.1
49. Edward II [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0083
Notes: 99.1
50. Erasure Live Wild! [Video, VHS]. 1989 Dec. 59 minutes.
Call Number: V0214
Notes: 99.1
51. Erotikus [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0089
Notes: 99.1
52. An Evening With Quentin Crisp [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0193
Notes: 99.1
53. Exotica [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0182
Notes: 99.1
54. Expose': Behind Porn Doors [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0094
Notes: 99.1
55. For A Lost Soldier [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0234
Notes: 99.1
56. Four Weddings And A Funeral [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0172
Notes: 99.1
57. Fox And His Friends [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0208
Notes: 99.1
58. French Twist [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0095
Notes: 99.1
59. Fresa Y Chocolate [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0221
Notes: 99.1
60. Gay Games 1990 and various television programs, Tape #2 [Video, VHS]. 1990 Aug.
Call Number: V0048
Notes: 90.1 Diane DiNova
Abstract: gay games 1990/oprah should gays be allowed to adopt/joan rivers pink panthers/joan
biaz/donahue lana turner's daughter cheryl/james taylor/jimi hendrix
61. Gay Games Amsterdam 1998 [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0150
Notes: 99.1
62. Gay Games IV: Stonewall 25 [Video Series]. 1994 Aug. 2 hours (Network Q, Volume 3.4).
Call Number: V0287
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: gay games/stonewall/new york/sports/athletics/cultural festival/rainbow flag/central park
63. Gay Greeks; San Diego [Video Series]. 1994 Jun. 2 hours (Network Q, Volume 3.2).
Call Number: V0285
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: california/aids ride/san francisco/los angeles/fraternities/san diego/zalea park,
salmonberries/kd lang/little mikey
64. Gay/Lesbian Human Rights Convention 1996 [Video, VHS]. 1996 Aug.
Call Number: V0103
Notes: 99.1
65. Gay Pride Parade 1991 and various shows [Video, VHS]. 1991.
Call Number: V0050
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: pride parade/Chris Kehoe/citizen cohn/raging bull/tarzan
66. Gay Pride Parade 1991 and various television programs [Video, VHS]. 1991.
Keywords: Saturday night live/ out in suburbia/ absolutely possitive/ out in america/ auntie helen's
news review
Call Number: V0049
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: pride news
67. Gay Pride Parade 1993 [Video Series, VHS]. 1993.
Call Number: V0023
Notes: 93.1 Cindy Nelson
Abstract: includes fundy demonstration
68. Gay Pride Parade 1994 [Video Series, VHS]. 1994. 50 minutes.
Call Number: V0025
Notes: 95.1 Ted Hanson
69. Get Challenged: The Tide Is Turning [Video, VHS]. 1996. 10 minutes.
Call Number: V0189
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: aids
70. GLAAD Media Awards [Video Series]. 1993 Apr. 2 hours(Network Q. Volume 1.8).
Call Number: V0272
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: judith light/glaad/tom joslin/mark massi/peter friedman/silverlake life/bohdan zachary
loverville/comedy/scott capurro/david drake/michael brown/st. patrick's day parade
71. GLAAD/San Diego Challenges Roger Hedgecock [Video, VHS]. 1994 Jul.
Call Number: V0293
Notes: 99.1 Karen Marshall
Abstract: includes 1993 commitment ceremony
72. Goin' South [Video Series]. 1993 Oct. 2 hours (Network Q, Volume 2.4).
Call Number: V0277
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: atlanta/hotlanta/breast cancer/roberta achtenberg/fred phelps/comedy
73. Grief [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0242
Notes: 99.1
74. Growing Up Gay [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0063
Notes: 99.1
75. Hate On The Ballot [Video Series]. 1992 Dec. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 1.4).
Call Number: V0268
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: oregon/colorado/no on 9/rodeo/portland/marvin liebman/lynda montgomery/comedy
76. Hide & Seek/Pride Divide [Video, VHS]. 1998 Jun. 120 minutes.
Call Number: V0131
Notes: 99.1
77. Hustler White [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0196
Notes: 99.1
78. I Shot Andy Warhol [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0233
Notes: 99.1
79. In & Out [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0202
Notes: 99.1 DUPLICATE
80. In The Life [Video, VHS]. 1996 Jan. 120 minutes.
Call Number: V0059
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: lesbians in china/gay seniors/gay marriage/catholic gay students/gays in germany/la
mens chorus/lesbian theater/gay comic strip
81. In The Life [Video, VHS]. 1996 Jan-1996 Apr 30.
Call Number: V0060
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: coming out under fire/margo gomez/barney frank/breast cancer/gene ulrich
82. Informational Videos of Interest to Gay People, Vol. 4 [Video Series, VHS]. 1991.
Call Number: V0019
Notes: 93.1 Ted Hanson
Abstract: 60 Minutes aids in cuba/tongues untied/sd pride parade
83. Informational Videos of Interest to Gay People Volume 1 [Video Series, VHS]. 1991.
Call Number: V0016
Notes: 93.1 Ted Hansen
Abstract: nbc report on congress/abc 20/20 gays in the military and firing of gay employees/abc
simon levay story/oprah's employers versus gays/nbc aids in the military
84. Informational Videos of Interest to Gay People Volume 2 [Video Series, VHS]. 1992.
Call Number: V0017
Notes: 93.1 Ted Hanson
Abstract: 20/20 curing gay men/NBC gays in the military/NBC gays in the 90's/dateline gays in the
military/irish gays/PBS gays in euro military/ABC hiv causes aids
85. Informational Videos of Interest to Gay People Volume 3 [Video Series, VHS]. 1992.
Call Number: V0018
Notes: 93.1 Ted Hanson
Abstract: 20/20 lesbians in east san diego/48 Hours not in my military/(Exer) gays versus fundys
falwell reveals homo agenda
86. Informational Videos of Interest to Gay People, Volume 5 [Video Series, VHS]. 1992.
Call Number: V0020
Notes: 93.1 Ted Hanson
Abstract: 60 minutes gays cops/frank buttino/60 minutes gays in the military/kfmb frank buttino
hbo why am i gay/cbs lesbian mom loses child/sd pride parade 1992
87. Informational Videos of Interest to Gay People Volume 6 [Video Series, VHS]. 1993.
Call Number: V0021
Notes: 93.1 Ted Hanson
Abstract: paris is burning (feature film)/donahue gay cops
88. Inside The Gay Porn Film Industry [Video Series]. 1994 Feb. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.8).
Call Number: V0281
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: west hollywood/karen williams/amanda bearce/latinos/van ness house/morris kight/gay
games/michael mealiffe/swimming/athletics
89. It's A Family Thing [Video Series]. 1993 Nov. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.5).
Call Number: V0278
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: pflag/new orleans/journalists/gerry studds/southern decadence/whoop dee do/lynn
lavner/comedy/mi hermano/edgar bravo/latinos/jason dilley/art/wall street project
90. Jagged Edge/The Fox [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0162
Notes: 99.1
91. Jeffrey [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0175
Notes: 99.1
92. Jess Jessop Interview [Video, VHS]. 1989 Aug.
Call Number: V0155
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: clark brott/leigh/cliff baker
93. Kandye Kane and all you can eat [Video, VHS]. 1992. 20 minutes.
Call Number: V0032
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: gay pride 1992 stage performance
94. The Killing Of Sister George [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0194
Notes: 99.1
95. Kiss Me Guido [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0231
Notes: 99.1
96. Kiss Of The Spider Woman [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0163
Notes: 99.1
97. The Krays [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0197
Notes: 99.1
98. Last Call At Maud's [Video, VHS]. 1993. 77 minutes.
Call Number: V0056
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: world's longest running lesbian bar
99. Last Exit To Brooklyn [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0084
Notes: 99.1
100. Latin Boys Go To Hell [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0230
Notes: 99.1
101. The Lavender Lens [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0087
Notes: 99.1
102. LA Law--gay episode [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0304
Notes: 99.1 Silverstein & Friskopp
103. The Leather Boys [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0198
Notes: 99.1
104. Lesbianism in San Diego [Video Series, VHS]. 1994.
Call Number: V0026
Notes: 94.1 Steve Lowery
Abstract: julie warren is interviewed at lghsd for class assignment at usiu
105. Lie Down With Dogs [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0211
Notes: 99.1
106. The Living End [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0207
Notes: 99.1
107. Local Protests [Video, VHS]. 1991. 60 minutes.
Call Number: V0014
Notes: 91.1 Douglas Case
Abstract: clips from a variety of television news shows of local gay'lesbian reaction to pete
wilson's veto of ab 101
108. The Long Day Closes [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0244
Notes: 99.1
109. The Lost Language Of Cranes [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0232
Notes: 99.1
110. Love And Human Remains [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0185
Notes: 99.1
111. Love! Valor! Compassion! [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0223
Notes: 99.1
112. March On Washington [Video, VHS]. 1993 Apr 25.
Call Number: V0045
Notes: 99.1
113. March On Washington [Video Series]. 1993 May-1993 Jun 30. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 1.9).
Call Number: V0273
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: washington/nalty/comedy/sex is/mark huestis/lawrence helman
114. Marching For Freedom/Commitment Ceremony [Video, VHS]. 1993. 158 minutes.
Call Number: V0006
Notes: 93.1 Sharon Parker
Abstract: march on washington 1993/commitment ceremony in balboa park
115. Marching For Freedom: The 1993 March On Washington [Video, VHS]. 1993.
Call Number: V0093
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: march on washington
116. Martina Navratilova: A Profile [Video, VHS]. 1997 Apr.
Call Number: V0108
Notes: 99.1
117. Maurice [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0222
Notes: 99.1
118. Metropolitan Community Church [Video, VHS]. 1995 May.
Call Number: V0067
Notes: rev. dusty pruitt/col. margarethe cammermeyer
119. More Tales Of The City [Video, VHS]. 300 minutes.
Call Number: V0227
Notes: 99.1
120. My Beautiful Laundrette [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0184
Notes: 99.1
121. My Best Friend's Wedding [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0237
Notes: 99.1
122. My Best Friend's Wedding [Video, VHS]. 1997. 105 minutes.
Call Number: V0206
Notes: 99.1
123. My Own Private Idaho [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0236
Notes: 99.1
124. Night Walk [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0081
Notes: 99.1
125. Northern Exposure--gay episode [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0303
Notes: 99.1 Silverstein & Friskopp
126. Not Angels But Angels [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0085
Notes: 99.1
127. Our Sons [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0091
Notes: 99.1
128. Out Across America [Video Series]. 1993 Mar. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 1.7).
Call Number: V0271
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: military ban/comedy/religious right/pat schroeder/david mixner/eric schmit/chuck
magness/craig chester/swoon/deborah fort/lynda montgomery/ong beach/aids/hiv/patti austin
music/out magazine/pink panthers
129. Out And Proud On The Internet: Town Hall Meeting at West Hollywood Auditorium [Video, VHS]. 1997
Sep. 60 minutes.
Call Number: V0123
Notes: 99.1
130. Out There II: Denver Travel [Video Series]. 1994 Sep. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 3.5).
Call Number: V0288
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: allen ginsberg/biography/hiv/youth/jerry aronson/colorado/denver/comedy/project angel
heart,/tim gill/quark/forbes 400
131. Outrageous [Video, VHS]. 1977. 100 minutes.
Call Number: V0102
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: craig russell/female impersonator befriends pregnant mental patient
132. Paris Is Burning [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0082
Notes: 99.1
133. Pensacola: The Flirtations [Video Series]. 1994 Jul. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 3.3).
Call Number: V0286
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: camp sister spirit/ovett/mississippi/pensacola/florida/flirtations/naiad press/lesbian
literature/go fish/tallahassee/jeff miller/country music/ashville,/tennessee
134. Percy Adlon's Salmonberries [Video, VHS]. 1991. 94 minutes.
Call Number: V0055
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: kd lang
135. Phil Donahue: Lesbian Nuns [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0161
Notes: 99.1
136. Philip Johnson: Diary Of An Eccentric Architect [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0213
Notes: 99.1
137. Presidential Debate #2 At University Of San Diego [Video, VHS]. 1996 Oct.
Call Number: V0111
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: gay marriage/egual rights
138. Pride [Video Series]. 1993 Jul. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.1).
Call Number: V0274
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: california/long beach/bronski beat/judy tenuta/sabrina johnston/comedy/chain of desire
temistocles lopez
139. Pride 1998 Interviews: FOG, SAGE, SWAP [Video, VHS]. 1998.
Call Number: V0107
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: fellowship of older gays/seniors active in a gay environment/seniors with a purpose
140. Queer Cinema [Video Series]. 1993 Aug. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.2).
Call Number: V0275
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: san francisco/gus van sant/film festival/even cowgirls get the blues/forbidden love/lynne
fernie/aerlyn weissman/apla/calvin klein/marky mark/michelangelo signorile/russian river/bohdan
zachary/leather/lenny broberg
141. Queer Holiday [Video Series]. 1992 Sep. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 1.1).
Call Number: V0265
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: new mexico/santa fe/coming out/jean o'leary/rob eichberg/march on washington
louisiana/afterlife/brian mcnaught/michael morrow/john topping/comedy
142. Queer Holiday [Video Series]. 1992 Oct. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 1.2).
Call Number: V0266
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: california/palm springs/bob hope/sonny bono/game shows/james lecense/youth/john
topping/michael morrow/comedy/pam walton
143. Queer Holiday [Video Series]. 1992 Nov. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 1.3).
Call Number: V0267
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: washington/names project/quilt/politicians/activists/marvin liebman/suburbia/john
topping/comedy/brian mcnaught/hiv/larry waites
144. Queer In Utah [Video Series]. 1994 Mar. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.9).
Call Number: V0282
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: utah/park city/ski week/sundance/film festival/mormons/salt lake city/suzanne
westenhoefer/winterfest/megan peters/music/gay games
145. Queer Jocks [Video Series]. 1993 Sep. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.3).
Call Number: V0276
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: seattle/tony kushner/square dance/sports festival/jason stuart/comedy/time out/rich
nobile/stonewall/martin duberman/angels in america/lon mabon
146. Querelle [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0179
Notes: 99.1
147. Recognizing Our Own: Gay And Lesbian Victory Fund [Video, VHS]. 11 minutes.
Call Number: V0152
Notes: 99.1
148. Resident Alien [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0256
Notes: 99.1
149. The Ritz [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0245
Notes: 99.1
150. San Diego Pride Parade/Festival 1992 [Video, VHS]. 1992.
Call Number: V0015
Abstract: includes ariel interview/disco dancing at festival/candy kane show; parade is audio only
151. School Days: Out On Campus [Video Series]. 1993 Dec. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.6).
Call Number: V0279
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: massachusetts/boston/provincetown/george ragsdale/comedy/police/the monks
parenting/outwrite/writing/flesh & the word/paula gautier
152. Sex In Canada: Zero Patience [Video Series]. 1994 Oct. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 3.6).
Call Number: V0289
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: kumbaya/canada/music festival/aids benefit/sex/elvira kurt/toronto/john greyson
153. Sharon Kowalski/Karen Thompson [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0154
Notes: 99.1
154. So Many Women/The Nigger God Seduction [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0159
Notes: 99.1
Abstract: m. corrine mackey/phyllis jackson
155. Spetters [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0200
Notes: 99.1
156. St. Mark's UMC Sunday Worship: Human Relations Day [Words & Music Unlimited]. 1989 Jan.
Call Number: V0013
Abstract: includes tim grummon's cross of love witness in air
157. State Of The Movement [Video Series]. 1994 Jan. 2 hours(Network Q, Volume 2.7).
Call Number: V0280
Notes: 96.11 Dennis Fiordaliso
Abstract: north carolina/raleigh/durham/lea delaria/kate clinton/tom bianchi/photography/parenting
jason dilley/art/shocking gray
158. Sunday Bloody Sunday [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0201
Notes: 99.1
159. Take The Power [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0263
Notes: 99.1
160. The Third Sex [Video, VHS]. 1950.(Sinister Cinema).
Call Number: V0001
Notes: 92.5 Bruce Kamerling
Abstract: mother tries to "save" her son from becoming a homosexual by hiring her maid to have
a liaison with him and suffers the consequences (made in Germany)
161. The Times of Harvey Milk [Video Series, VHS]. 1994. 90 minutes.
Call Number: V0029
Abstract: academy award winning documentary
162. Total Eclipse [Video, VHS].
Call Number: V0243
Notes: 99.1
163. A Tribute To The Memory Of You [Video Series, VHS]. 1992. 130 minutes.
Call Number: V0028
Notes: 93.1 Denny Hamann
Abstract: musical play about a gay man with aids
164. UCSD LGBT Panel [Video, VHS]. 1997 Feb.
Call Number: V0118
Notes: 99.1
165. Various Music Videos: Bronski Beat/The Communards/Jimmy Somerville [Video, VHS].
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inn 1969 and the political and social climate towards homosexuality before the riots; interviews
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aide booth
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Abstract: dedication of work by artist tim grummon at first united methodist church sponsored by san diego ecumenical conference