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Lesbian History Project (audio-tapes, tape indexes, photos)

The objective of this project conducted by Diane F. Germain is to document and preserve for posterity the colorful and creative everyday achievements of San Diego's lesbian community in the early 70s. This was the era in which many women's spaces and support groups were established: Lesbian Collectives, Las Hermanas (coffee-house and much more), the San Diego Lesbian Organization, Slightly Older Lesbians, and Lesbians of Color, just to name a few. Women interviewed in the first phase of this project include Muriel Fisher, Pamela L. Wilson, Chris Tyson, Cheryl Robinson, Linda Barufaldi, Lori Barnes, Carlota Hernandez, Gwen Snyder, Judy Reif and Sheila Clark.  If you are interested in participating in this Project, please leave a message for Diane Germain at (619) 260-1522.

Queer Artists Project

Project originator Susan C. Richards adopted the approach taken by the curators of "In a Different Light: Visual Culture, Sexual Identity, Queer Practice," a landmark exhibition held in 1995 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ongoing Project asks the question, "How are queer artists looking at the world; what do queer artists do?" The Project is not looking for particular content, style, "sensibility" or politics. Rather we are documenting the rich and various work of San Diego artists to combat invisibility, to preserve and transmit our history and heritage, to say "we were here and we are here."

Lambda Archives is developing visual files of individual artists who volunteer to participate, along with any written or other materials pertaining to their creative lives. Once an artist has established a file with the Project, the artist can continue to add to it over time, documenting the evolution of that individual's work. The materials will be available for research and educational presentations.

If you are interested in participating in this Project, leave a message for the archivist at Lambda Archives or call us at (619) 260-1522.

View Queer Artists Finders Aid 

Veteran's History Project  see the following websites
Transgender American Veterans Association

Bisexual Archives Collection

The Bisexual Archives Collection is located at the Lambda Archives of San Diego. The purpose of this collection, one of very few archives devoted to Bisexual material, is to preserve the history of matters related to Bisexuality in San Diego for future research. This archival collection was established and donated by Regina Reinhardt and Fritz Klein

Pride Collection (a stand-alone collection housed separately)

Founded in 1980, the Pride Collection is comprised of materials that have been produced for the promotion of annual Lesbian / Gay Pride events (parades, festivals, exhibits, picnics, dances, etc.). These materials include posters, buttons, pins, T-shirts, programs, souvenir books, banners, photos, videos, and periodicals. The collection is international in scope and one of the largest such collections in existence. The majority of the materials are from the private collection of Doug Moore, a San Diego Gay/Lesbian Pride organizer of many years.