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Queer Artists Project  

Collection # 143

Acquisition:  Ongoing collection
Access: The collection is open to research.
Processed by:  Cesar Chavez & Aimee Molina 2012
Finders Aid by:  Cesar Chavez & Aimee Molina 2012
Location: C9.1.4.1-2
Extent: 2 linear ft

Keywords:   Queer Artists Project, art, correspondence, advertisements, New Yorker, magazine cover, AIDS, AIDS Art Alive, City College, exhibition, painting, painter,  promotion, Susan Richards, Max gallery, Dick Greene, AIDS Day Without Art, virtual collection, New York, media release, Design Legacies, brochure, HIV, clippings, OUT, POZ, A&U, Arts’/AIDS, catalog, San Diego Art Institute, Creative Response, Newsweek, Art week, Los Angeles Times, Francis Bacon, Joseph Bennet, “Two Sculptors”, sculpture, Paul Cadmus, cartoons, comics, Janet Cooling, color slides, “Frustrated Blond”, Bernard Cooper, Queer Artist Articles, newsletters, media promotions, promotional art cards, AIDS Art Alive 1st Exhibition, AIDS Art Alive 2nd Exhibition, AIDS Art Alive 3rd Exhibition, magazine articles, cover, personal letter, Prism, Authors and Art, Tee A. Corinne, DVD, cancer, photography, Jerry Digney, Carolyn Springer, Brad Eriksen, Tom Houk, Filmout, Muriel Fisher, Vernette Claus, Tribute, Obituary, Fabric Artist, Doll Maker, The Advocate, Art news, Union Tribune, Duke University, New York Times, John Breitweiser, Don Bachardy, Patrick Angus, POZ, Queer and Kinky Danger, Jonathan Weinberg, Art group, David Wojnarowicz, David Hockney, Neoqueer, Netflix, Robert Rauschenberg, Naked Eyes, Contemporary art, Gay Games IV,, Tim Grummon, Chris Hasset, “Panels of Love”, Harmony Hammond, Lucy R. Lippard, “Lesbian Art in America”, film, Thomas Allen Harris, Marlon Riggs, Lyle Ashton Harris, “Vintage: Families of Value”, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The Publication, “Homosexuality and Public Life”, “The Passionate Camera”, ARTRAGEOUS!, internet, Rober Clark, Celine Godberson, illustration, Stephanie Juno, “The Devil May Care”, Performance Art, Bruce Kamerling, Modern Perspectives, memorial service, Lynda Koolish, “Portraits and Vision”, Latino,  Latina, VIVA, “Afinidades”, “Chicks & Salsa”, Lesbian, Transgender, Gay, “Frida Kahlo”, multi-media, “Aqui No Hay Virgenes: Queer Latina Visibility”, Queer, Bisexual, mixed-media, Vicki Leon, Glass Design, Feminism, Lesbian Artists, UC Berkeley, “Women in the Arts”, film, GSDBA, CA LGBT Alliance, GLT, Gay & Lesbian Times, S/He’s Gender Bent, Networking Artist Forum, Regina Reinhardt, Artist Alchemy, Caucus, Women’s Caucus for Art, “WACK”, “Multiple Vintage Points”, “From Cite to Vision”, Nicole Eisenman, Judith Montano, “Hot Pink”, “Out West”, Cassandra Smithies, “Gender Fucked”, “The Great American Lesbian Art Show”, LVA, Happy Hyder, Depth & Distance, Leslie Lohman, Gay Art Foundation, Blueboy Magazine, The Archive, Jim Machacek, “Codes”, Bay Park Press, The Michelangelo Project, Print making, Aida Mancillas, multi-medium, Sidney Miraz, COVA Gallery, Isha Mullis, poem, Eden Omani, “Our Art”, Out Fest, film, Film Festival, Jeff Palmer, male nubs, Jan Phillips, Rene Porter, Girl Guide, GLLO-SD, Pride, Queer Youth Artists, Proclaim Gallery, Tim Brian, Generation Q, First International Queer Youth Expo, John O’ Reilly, Kim Ano, Queer Arts Resource, Robert Flynt, Nude Males, Queer Caucus for Art, Susan Aberth, Queer Craft, Queer 2000, Elizabeth Milroy, Troubling Thoughts, S.F. Bay Times, “FACE”, Queer Arts Resource, Queer Arts Festival, QCC Newsletter, Jennifer Reeves, R.D. Riccoboni, Rainbow Warrior, Our Healing Hearts, Obelisk Bookstore, Rainbow Nation, Gay Caballeros, Night Life, Dottie Korn-Davis “Cool Counterpoint”, Del Mar Fair, Pride ’96, Pride ’95, Russell Poncik, R.I.S.E., WCA, Ornament, Susan Struck, “Woman’s Work”, Artwalk, Andy Warhol, MOCA, Silk Screens, Julie Warren, Diversionary Theatre, Christine Kehoe, Irene Laura Wayne, “Womyn Work” Poet, Joseph E. Young, University of Arizona, Arnie Zane, “Art”, “Look”. Transfer of ownership. Photography, photographer, photographs, Dennis Covey, a.bridged gallery, “Wide Open”, Carl Schmidt, Robert Miles Parker, ink Drawing, Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO)

Inclusive Dates: 1970-2012


“This specialized collection represents the voice of San Diego/Tijuana in the contemporary discourse on queer art and queer art history. Both emerging and established artists are in the collection and are welcome to participate in the future.”

Susan Richards, Queer Artists Project founder


The Queer Artists Project at Lambda Archives of San Diego is an ongoing collection of records documenting the lives and work of San Diego’s LGBT artists, as well as local LGBT art exhibitions such as AIDS Art Alive. It includes such things as artists statements, ephemera advertising exhibitions, biographies, obituaries, and photos and descriptions of work. The records and historical artifacts in the collection are an excellent resource for researchers, students and art historians.  While it is currently primarily paper and image files, it is the intention of Lambda Archives to modernize the project with a vibrant web interface, including a directory of active artists in the community.


The QAP seeks to keep an ongoing record of artistic work within and about our community. As such, we are always seeking new information and artists to be included. Artists, art historians and exhibitors interested in inclusion in the Queer Artists Project may contact Lambda Archives at Further information about the Queer Artists Project and other special projects and collections at may be found on our website at

Box 1 (folders)

  • Queer Artists Project Information: 1994-1998 & 2012, including newsletters, clippings, and correspondence by Susan Richards.

  • Advertising Images: 1994-1998, including film promotion “Wilde”, magazine car advertisement and New Yorker magazine cover.
  • AIDS Art Alive, San Diego classes, general info: 1996, including event promotion mailer, class schedule from City College, brochure and event leaflets.
  • AIDS Art Alive 1st biennial exhibition: 9/27/91-10/6/91, including one photo album of exhibition, photo negatives of exhibition, artist promotional image cards, exhibition literature, clippings, transfer of ownership. [photos separated to photo collection]
  • AIDS Art Alive 2nd biennial exhibition: 11/5/93-11/30/93, including exhibition entry rules, promotional postcards (7), and promotional poster, transfer of ownership.
  • Aids Art Alive 3rd biennial exhibition: 9/8/95-9/30/95. Including exhibition programs (2), entry rules, catalog of video of event, promotional mailers (4), and correspondence by Susan Richards, transfer of ownership.
  • Greene, Dick + Maxgallery Group: 1996-1997, including mailer cards (8), clipping.
  • AIDS-Day without Art/ The Archive Project (virtual Collection): including hard copy media release, e-mail media release by Yelena Gomez, event program, event flyers.
  • AIDS-Design Legacies 1994: 1994, including Design Legacies brochure.
  • AIDS into Art (by artists with HIV): 1993-1996&2003, including A&U clippings (7), OUT clippings (3), POZ clippings (2), New York Times online article, Gay&Lesbian Times article, ArtWeek clipping, Artery online index, Arts/AIDS catalog.
  • AIDS/ “Our Healing Art” San Diego Art Institute 1997: 1997, including membership show hand out, San Diego Art Institute Journal.
  • AIDS –Response of the Arts/Creative Response: 1993-1995, including Creative Response donation envelope and ribbon, newsletter, LA times clipping, Color of Life flyer, Rainbow mall online copy, Newsweek cover and clipping.
  • Bacon, Francis: 1999, including Lesbian and Gay Historical Society correspondence by Susan Richards, Program/poster of exhibition, clipping of exhibition, book of Bacon photo and sticker.
  • Bennet, Joseph: 2001-2006, including “Two Sculptures” literature, curator’s statement, promotional postcards (13), artist price lists (2).
  • Cadmus, Paul: 1970 & 1999, including correspondence between P. Cadmus and B. Kamerling, correspondence by Susan Richards, LGHSSD collections form.
  • Cartoons: 1996-2003, including New Yorker cover, New Yorker cartoons (4), Washington Post cartoon, and Union Tribune cartoons (3).
  • Comics: 2002-2003, including Out in Comics edition and Prism comic’s edition.
  • Cooling, Janet: Including various clippings, promotional postcards (6), show invitations (2), “Frustrated Blond” program, color slides (48), NO transfer of ownership [slides to be removed for digitization].
  • Cooper, Bernard/Writer: 2006, including “Authors & Art” programs (2), flyer.
  • Corinne, Tee A.: 1998-2006, including [DVD “Scars, Stomas, Ostomy Bag Portacath”] , NO transfer of ownership, Paula Grant blog post, Artist statement (2), media release, sample of work “Goddess for the New Millennium.
  • Digney, Jerry: 1997, including 2 promotional flyers, Artist Literature.
  • Eriksen, Brad: 1998, including Clippings (2) about Carolyn Springer, Brad Eriksen, Swan Richards, Tom Houk.
  • Filmout/Film + Video: 1997 & 1999, including Filmout program, Copy/Promotional flyer.
  • Fisher, Muriel: 1996 & 2001 & 2005, including [3 photos (Muriel Doll)], NO transfer of ownership, 9 Memorial Service cards, 3 Promotional cards, business card, Correspondence regarding Tribute Service, LGHSSD Newsletter, Clippings (4), Vernette Clauss Obituaries.
  • Gay Art History and Criticism: 1994-1998 & 2003 & 2006 & 2010, including New Yorker Clippings (3), Union Tribune, Duke University Mailer, New York Times Online Article, Lavender Clipping, Out Magazine Clipping, The Advocate Clipping, Art Week Clipping, Art News Clipping, Designing the Bay Area flyer, Postcard.
  • Gay Artists (non- San Diego): 1986-2008, including John Breitweiser, [9 color slides], NO transfer of ownership, “Queer and Kinky Danger” Clippings, “Out, Loud, and Proud” entry form, Promotional postcards (2), Naked Eyes Program, Clippings (non- local) (9), Chris & Din: A Love Story DVD Sleeve, Neoqueer Promotional Copy, “The Gay Landscape” entry form, Art Group Advertisement (2), Clipping Local (1), GSDBA Art Showcase Invite,  The Community Art Center Literature, The Gay Arts Festival flyer.
  • Gay Topics/Art: 1993-1994 & 1996 & 2007, including Aubrey Walter Catalog, online clipping, Gay Games IV Promotional flyer, Correspondence Susan Richards.
  • 2000-2004, including Correspondence Susan Richards regarding glbtq, Contributor Agreement.
  • Grummon, Tim: 1989-1991 & 1993, including [Photos (4)], NO transfer of ownership,  “Panels of Love” Event Literature, Correspondence re: “Panels of Love”, Letter of recommendation by Mayor Maureen O’Connor, Various Event invites. [photos separated to photo collection]
  • Hammond, Harmony: 1992-1993 & 1997, including [Color Slides (28)], NO transfer of ownership, Lucy R. Lippard Text, Hammond curriculum Vitae, THE magazine clippings (2), “Lesbian Art in America” promotion, Correspondence between Hammond and Janet Cooling.
  • Harris, Thomas Allen: 1993-1999, including various Correspondence between Susan Richard and Thomas A. Harris, clipping of Lyle Ashton Harris, clipping re: “Vintage: Families of Value”, Marlon Riggs event program, Newsletter from MCASD, Clipping (non-local) (2), “Vintage: Families of Value” information/ literature, Thomas Allen Harris Bio, The Publication magazine, “Homosexuality and Public Life” Program, “The Passionate Camera” flyer.
  • Houk, Tom: 1998, including Clippings (2), Artrageous! Event flyer.
  • Internet Art: 1998, including Robert Clark “Looney Tunes”, Celine Godberson “Swelter”.
  • Kamerling, Bruce: 1995, including [Photo (1)], NO transfer of ownership/ although per S. Richards the artist’s intent was clear, LGHSSD Newsletter, Clippings (3), Memorial Service Program (2), Xerox copies of photos (3), Correspondence by Susan Richards, Correspondence between Paul Camdus and B. Kamerling, LGHSSD Collection form, Modern Perspectives book by B. Kamerling.
  • Koolish, Lynda: 1997, including “Portraits and Vision” Promotion, “Portraits and Vision” Poster, L. Koolish Text, Clipping.
  • Latina + Latino Queer Artists: 1995-1999 & 2007, VIVA Clipping, AIDS as Art Clipping, VIVA Newsletter, “Afinidades” event promotional ephemera and program, Correspondence between VIVA and Susan Richards, “Chicks and Salsa” flyer, “Frida Kahlo” flyer, VIVA Art Slam flyers (2), “Aqui No Hay Virgenes: Queer Latina Visibility.
  • Leon, Vicki: 1999-2000, including Clipping, Artist Info card, “Feminist Art and Glass Design” flyer, Women Made Program.
  • Lesbian Artists/Historical/(Pre-Feminist art movement):1996 & 2000-2001, including Look UC Berkeley clipping, Art UC Berkeley Program, “Women in the Arts” Clipping (2).
  • Lesbian + Gay Art/ San Diego: 1998 & 2000-2008, including GSDBA Clipping, Clipping (Bi Magazine) Regina Reinhardt, CA LGBT Alliance Flyer, clipping (City Beat), GLT Cover + Clippings (2), Art Meets Action Festival flyer, S/He’s Gender Bent flyer, Networking Artist Forum Announcement, Gay & Lesbian Times Cover (2) Clippings (2).
  • Lesbian/Bisexual Caucus of Women’s Caucus for Art/San Diego: 1998 & 1996, including Artist Alchemy flyer, Women’s Work flyer, Lesbian Art Group flyer (4), SD Reader Clipping, Media Release, LGHSSD Correspondence S. Richards, Lesbian & Bi Caucus Contact Sheet,  Notes (copies) by S. Richards, Correspondence by Julie Warren, Lesbian & Bi flyer, Women’s Caucus for Art flyer.
  • Lesbian Artists (non-San Diego): 1977-2010, including “WACK” Program, “Multiple Vantage Points” program, “From Cite to Vision” flyer, International Gay and Lesbian Archives, Joan Snyder flyer (Painting), “Neoqueer” flyer, [Nicole Eisenman color slides(13)], NO transfer of ownership, Piece of Art by Judith Montano, “Drawing the Light” flyer, “Hot Pink” flyer, Clipping The Advocate, “Out West” flyer, Lesbian Artist Support Group flyer, Cassandra Smithies sculpture flyer, Artweek clipping, Postcards (4), Gay & Lesbian Times Clipping, Online Clipping, “Gender Fucked” flyer, Lesbian News Clipping, Journal uncertain Clipping, “Journal to Feel” flyer, “Women’s Caucus for Art” Entry Form, “10 Percent” clipping, The Great American Lesbian Art Show flyer, “12 Frontiers” Clipping &Flyer (2), Media Release, VIDA Gallery flyers (3), National Women’s History Month flyer, National Lesbian Slide Show and Competition Media Release, “All but the Obvious” flyer (4) media release, copy of letter envelope LACE, Media Release, Chrysalis Magazine Clipping.
  • Lesbian Visual Artists (S.F.) (Newsletter, etc.): 1991-2005, including LVA Media Releases (5), Depth & Distance entry form + flyer, LVA Newsletters (20), LVA Correspondence/ S. Richards (18), LVA Member Forms (6), Hot Pink flyers (2), LVA Flyers (7).
  • Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation (N.Y.C.): 1989-1998, including Lohman business cards (3), Postcards (9), Entry Form (2), Newsletter, Mission Statement (2), Blue Boy Magazine clipping (2), and Journal of the Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation (5).

Box 2 (folders)

  • Machacek, Jim: 1998-2007, including [Photos (11)], NO transfer of ownership, “Codes” Flyer (2), SD Jewish Center flyer, Bay Park Press Price List, UT Clipping, “Art Under Pressure” flyer, COVA Gallery Mailer, “The Michelangelo Project” flyer (3), “Two For One” flyer, Gay & Lesbian Times Clipping (2), Beach & Baypress Clipping, media release, Artist Bio, correspondence between S. Richards & J. Machacek.
  • Mancillas, Aida: 2009, including SD Democratic Club newsletter clipping.
  • Miraz, Sidney: 1998 & 2002, including COVA Gallery Mailer, S.Miraz Business Card, Catalog Work Sheet, and Correspondence between S. Miraz & S. Richards.
  • Mullis, Isha: 1992-1998, including [Photo], [Word Perfect Disc], Transfer of ownership/artist holds copyright, I. Mullis Business Card, Transfer of Ownership, Copies of Art Work (34), Clippings (2), Poem by Mullis “I’m a Bat”, MEKKA JAVA flyer, Correspondence between Mullis & Richards, Artist biography.
  • Omari, Eden: 2000, including Eden Omari biography, Studio Nubio flyer.
  • “OUR ART”: 2000 & 2002, including Thirds Annual/ “Our Art” Entry Form, clipping (Southern California’s Gay and Lesbian Newspaper), “Our Art” Pricelist, Correspondence (Joseph Bennett).
  • Palmer, Jeff: 1998, including Website Card (2), Gay & Lesbian Times Clipping, “AIDS Art Alive” Postcard, Artist Biography, Purchase Brochure, PhotoArts Media Release.
  • Phillips, Jan: 2006, including The International Women Writer’s Guild Journal Clipping.
  • Porter, Rene: 1997, including Magazine Cover of Los Angeles Girl Guide & Clipping.
  • PRIDE/SD Art Gallery + cultural arts: 1994-1998 & 2004, including Program flyer for Gay and Lesbian Latinos con Orgullo, GLLO flyer for Festival Art Gallery, Notes by Susan Richards, Media Release “Art and Pride”, Youth Artist flyer (2), Pride 97 Events Calendar, Submission Art Exhibit application.
  • Proclaim Gallery: 1995 & 1996, including Proclaim Gallery flyers (9), Tim Brian business cards (6), Correspondence between Tim Brian and Susan Richards, Gallery Price List, Gallery Events schedule, Clipping-Union Tribune, Gallery Limits of Responsibility form, GSDBA Newsletter (2), Gay Caballeros flyer- AA Show.
  • Queer Arts Resource ( 1997-1999, including Generation Q (First International Queer Youth Expo.) & Art, John O’ Reilly Biography & Art, Kim Ano Biography “Contempo Lesbos”, Queer Arts Resource- site info and Art, Robert Flynt Biography and Art.
  • Queer Caucus for Art- Bibliography + Directories: 1996-2001, including Bibliography of Gay & Lesbian Art ’94, Directory of Gay & Lesbian Caucus.
  • Queer Caucus for Art Newsletters: 2001-2008, including Queer craft flyer, Queer Caucus for Art flyer, QCA Membership form, Correspondence between Susan Richards and Susan Aberth, QCA Newsletters (23).
  • Queer Caucus for Art Newsletter of College Art Association: 1995-2000, including Media Release- “Queer 2000”, Participation Invite by Elizabeth Milroy & Jonathan Weinberg, Troubling Customs Entry Form, Queer in the Year 2000 Postcard and Entry Form, QCA Newsletters (14).
  • Queer Cultural Center/S.F.: 1997-2001, including S.F. Bay Times Clipping, “FACE” Program, Online flyer for “FACE” Exhibition, Media Release- Queer Arts Resource, San Francisco Queer Arts Festival Program, and QCC Newsletter.
  • Reeves, Jennifer: 1998, including “Making Films about Queer Like” Clipping in Gay & Lesbian Times.
  • Riccoboni, R.D.: 1991-1997, including Rainbow Generation Cover (3), Postcards (15), Riccoboni Online Art Samples, Rainbow Warrior brochure, Artist Statement, Pricelist, & exhibition blog (2),”Our Healing Hearts” Media Release and Entry Form, Café on Park flyers (2), Obelisk Bookstore flyer, Rainbow Nation Media Release, Gay Caballeros flyer, Night Life corner, Copy of Artist painting, Clippings (4), Artist Copy, Artist Exhibition biography.
  • Richards, Susan: 1990-2000, including Business Card, [2 Photos], Correspondence between Happy Hyder and Susan Richards, Artist Statement, LGHSSD Certificate of Appreciation, [2 Color Slides], NO transfer of ownership, Correspondence between Susan Richards and Dottie Korn-Davis, The Next Door Gallery flyer, Women’s Caucus for Arts flyer, WCA Media Release, Our Art pricelist, Artrageous Clipping (2), WCA flyer, Gay and Lesbian Times Clipping, The Healing Path finder, “Cool Counter Point” flyer, Del Mar Fair Art Show Program, LGHSSD Newsletter, Artistic Alchemy flyer, Proclaim Gallery flyer, Pride 1996 Art Application, LGHSSD Transfer of Ownership (3), The Balcony Art Program, COVA Gallery flyer (2), Gay and Lesbian Times Clipping, Pride 1995 flyer + entry form, Clipping (Unknown).
  • R.I.S.E.: 2003, including Correspondence between Russel Poncik and Susan Richards.
  • Springer, Carolyn: 1991-2002 & 2004 & 2005: Postcards (8), Carolyn Springer Clipping, Correspondence between Carolyn Springer and Susan Richards, WCA Media Release + Artist biography, Clippings (2), LGHSSD Transfer of Ownership, Catalog Worksheet, The Balcony Act brochure, Artist resume, [Color Slides (44)], Transfer of ownership/although artist holds copyright, Ornament Clipping.
  • Struck, Susan: 1996, including Proclaim Gallery “Women’s Wok” flyer, Art Walk information.
  • Warhol, Andy: 2002, including Warhol at MOCA Program, New York Times Clipping.
  • Warren, Julie: 1996 & 2006, including Artist Even flyer, Postcards (10), Copy of Photo, Copy of Art, Diversionary Theatre flyer, Christine Kehoe Clipping, LGSSD Newsletter.
  • Waynes, Laura Irene: 1989 & 1991, including Clipping on Artist (4), “Womyn Work” flyer, Artist work biography, poem “Calafia”.
  • Young, Joseph E.: 1995-2000, Artist Postcards (7), Artist Clipping (Jara), Artist biography, Correspondence/Artist & University of AZ.
  • ZANE, Arnie/Photographer: 1975 & 2000, including “Art” Fall’00, clipping “Look” UC Berkeley.
  • Covey, Dennis: 2012, including The Minds Eye (book) on his art, flyers for “Wide Open” event, a.bridged gallery events. (Added 2012)
  • Schmidt, Carl R.: including artistic resume. ( Added 2012)
Parker, Robert Miles: 2012, including The Gay&Lesbian Review obituary, Los Angeles Times obituary, Union Tribune obituary.
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