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  • Bell, Albert  Collection [93.5]  Bio
    • Letters, awards, manuscripts and photographs
  • Bowling, Randall J.  Collection [95.9]
    • Miscellaneous articles, scrapbook cutouts for The Scene and Gayzette columns.
  • Caster, Wendy Collection [93.3]  Finder's Guide
    • Copies of gay and lesbian articles and crossword puzzles. Caster was syndicated in many gay and lesbian publications across the country.
  • Dilbeka, John S.  Collection [91.15]
    • Manuscripts and drawings
  • Dinova, Dianne  Finder's Guide
    • Photos
  • Dobrzewski, Björn  Collection [95.5]  Finder's Guide
    • E-mail correspondence between Bjorn and his lover in Germany (in German), 1994-95. Bjorn was a graduate student in physics and UCSD.
  • Dolan, Tom  Collection  [92.4]  Finder's Guide
    • Manuscripts and notes for articles from 1980's
  • Fiordaliso, Dennis
    • 18 videos, Network Q
  • Friskopp, Annette
    • Misc. lesbian materials, business research for book "Straight Jobs, Gay Lives"
  • Fuller, Mel Collection [93.4]  Finder's Guide
    • Miscellaneous materials relating to Neo-Paganism, writings of Mel Fuller (AKA "Lou Percus") and Scott Cunningham (AKA "Cathy Cunningham") who write for Neo-Pagan publications.
  • Germain, Diane
    • Alik Dobkin papers
  • Good, Neil Collection [91.11] Bio  Finder's Guide
  • Hansen, Ted
    • Erotica, mattachines
  • Hauck Estate, Dan
    • Misc. personal items
  • Holden, Sam
    • Misc. publications, magazines, books
  • Jaeger, Rodney
    • Books, and misc.
  • Jessop, Jess Collection [90.1]  Bio   Finder's Guide
    • Papers of Robert "Jess" Jessop, a founder of the Gay Center and the Lesbian & Gay Archives (later known as the Lesbian and Gay Historical Society) and a major gay liberationist in San Diego.
  • Jimenez, Karleen Pendelton  [96.4]
    • Miscellaneous works and projects. Poet and professor at San Diego State University. Cassette and book of work, writing by Karleen
  • Kamerling, Bruce [94.3] Memorabilia Finder's Guide
    • Books and misc. materials
  • Kanemoto, Lisa
    • Original prints (photography) from her picture book "We Are" (LGBT subjects)
  • Kehoe Campaign, Christine  [91.11]  Bio
    • 2nd City Council Campaign Papers
    • Congressional Campaign Papers
  • Kight, Morris   Collection
  • King, Herb  Collection  Bio
    • Gay-themes t-shirts; original handwritten drafts of newspaper columns, misc. political ephemera, correspondence
  • Kraft, Ivor  Collection  [94.7]
    • Unpublished manuscript. Uniquely designed stamp collection showing sensibility of a mid-twentieth century gay man. Kraft, a college business teacher, was a major benefactor of the gay and lesbian community in San Diego and elsewhere.
  • Tim Lidot
    • Photos, org. papers, Nations of 4 directions(?)
  • Mackey, Marti
    • Original art, "Gathering" videos, letters, clippings
  • McAlister, Kim Collection [92.7]  Finder's Guide
    • Lesbian records and misc. files
  • Michels, Bernie  Collection [92.1]  Bio  Finder's Guide
    • Books, newspapers, Papers from the founding of the Gay Center in the early 1970's. Bernie was a major figure and co-founder of the Center, "outrageous jumpsuit"
  • Moore, Doug  Collection [91.8]  Bio
    • Save Our Teachers Materials
  • Moore, Howard
    • Clippings, books, t-shirts, cards (commercial)
  • Palmer, Sue  Finder's Guide
  • Parlett, June Smith
    • Periodical, Tres Femmes, multiple copies
  • Passante, Mike (San Diego Pool Association)
    • Papers: Project 1st Stop, Paws, Ziptrips, SD Pool Assoc. Handbooks, Newsletters, Financial records, score sheets, SDPA
  • Peck, Bill
    • Male erotica collection (50s, 60s, 70s); magazines, articles, films, newspapers, 8mm porn films, male nude statuette. Second accession? : Kodak Moviedesk projector, screen, projection table, film editing machine, lamp
  • Phegley, Milton  Finder's Guide
  • Phillips, Big Mike  Finder's Guide 
  • Oceanside Legal Case (Anonymous)
    • Oceanside legal case (lesbian school teacher, Dawn Murray Ouster vs. Oceanside School District)
  • Ott, Fentress  Organizational Finder's Guide
    • Misc. March on Washington, Incorporation(?) Victory Foundation, memorabilia, ephemera, 3 videotapes
  • Rees, Gary  Collection [90.3]  Bio  Finder's Guide
    • Personal effects.  Rees was a founder of the military counseling program at the Gay Center, the first in the nation.
  • Richardson, John  [96.3]
    • Scrapbook of misc. photos, events, framed news article
  • Walker, Bill & Dohmen, Martin
    • Photo album from San Diego Gay (?) Men from 1950s, erotic photo collection
  • Walsh, Robert  Collection  [90.2]  Bio   Finder's Guide
    • Archival material, Books, papers, misc.
  • Watkins, Perry Collection [91.3]  Finder's Guide
    • Uniform, legal documents
  • Wayne, Laura Irene Collection [91.4] Finder's Guide
  • Weatherall, James  Finder's Guide
  • Wilson, Bridget   Papers [90.5 and 96.5]  Bio
    • Books, Tmax (?) resolution, misc. political and sociological papers.  4 boxes of papers on Clinton's executive orders for gays & the military, tapes
  • Wilson, Bridget & McAlister, Kim [90.5] Finder's Guide
    • politics, misc, Women's events materials and books
  • Woodward, Jim Collection [94.4] Finder's Guide
    • Jim was a major figure in the military counseling in San Diego.
  • Zeeland, Steven
    • Manuscripts of his book on San Diego marines and sailors
  • Ziegler, James
    • San Diego Foundation programs. Misc ephemera