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  • Best, Paul
    • T-shirts, butts, etc. (Dutch)
  • Brouer, Yoka [91.2]
    • Dutch T-shirts, buttons, etc.
  • Coshow, Carla
    • Buttons
  • Graham, John
    • Police Uniform [91.13] Graham was the first openly gay police officer in San Diego
  • Grummon, Tim
    • Logo drawing
  • Grupo Y Que
    • Posters
  • Jacobsen, Brad
    • T-shirt, Pac. Fit. Cent.
  • Jeung-Mills, Connie
    • Lesbian Art Show paintings, prints
  • Jeung-Mills, Connie
    • Lesbian Art Show paintings, prints
  • Kamerling, Bruce Collection  [94.3]
    • Bronze Muscle Dance (1989). Drawing Temptation (1981), pencil and crayon. It is the artist's symbolic statement on the AIDS crisis.
  • Merta, Joe Collection 
    • Books and framed stuff
  • Nannings, Bob
    • Books, pennants, "Pin the Macho an the Man" game
  • No on 8 Campaign Posters 
  • Ott, Fentress Collection Organizational Finder's Guide
    • Misc. buttons (inc. SDBC), org. donor pins, SBDC t-shirts & by-laws, Steven Pope memorial materials, bumper stickers, Freedom Banquet programs
  • Parker, Sharon
    • Misc. Pride, AIDS Walk, Kehoe t-shirts
  • Passante, Michael [96.2] San Diego Pool Association
    • Matchbook collections from bars in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Various trophies and awards. Passante was the editor and founder of San Diego Scores sports periodical.
  • Phillips, Big Mike Collection 
  • Richardson, John 
    • Needlepoint logo for bookmark (framed), framed art and blueprints (flat file) 
  • Roberts, Timm
    • Gay Games t-shirt
  • Searing, Drew
    • March on Washington banner, Oct. 1987
  • Walker, Charlene
    • Stained glass panel
  • Wayne, Laura Irene
    • Mounted linoleum print
  • Weatherall, James
    • Misc. buttons and badges
  • Wertis, Jules
    • Buttons
  • Wilson, Bridget
    • T-shirts