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This is a partial list from our Collections:
Available Audio Interviews at the Archives
"Searching for San Diego" Hillcrest (1994)
Interviews by Frank Nobiletti
  • Phillip Jones Dewes - Old Timer; pre gay neighborhood

  • Hunter - Drag performer

  • Alex Juutilainen - Dutch videographer transplant to Hillcrest

  • Donna McLoughlin - Hillcrest businesswoman 

  • Eleanor Meadows - Very Old Timer; “Save the Quince St. Bridge” leader

  • Jimmy Lovett - African American gay activist

Available Miscl Audio Interviews at the Archives

  • Robert Miles Parker - Interviewed by Gary Rees 1998
  • George Haverstick - GLBT civil rights lawyer.  (May Co Incident)
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti
  • Robert Nguyen - UCSD student speaking on Stonewall
  • Frank Nobiletti - KPBS radio show on San Diego Pride 1994
  • Chris Kehoe - Planning with Bill Beck and Julie 1994
  • Jeri Dilno - First woman head of Gay and Lesbian Center 1994
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti
  • Bernie Michels - A founder of the Center; for Dissertation
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti
  • Dr. Gaylord Parkinson - (May Co. incident) 1991
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti
  • Cynthia Lawrence-Wallace and Peggy Heathers - Founders of the Center early 90’s
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti.
  • Tom Lidot - Native American Gay Activist - Founder of the Nations of the four Directions
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti for Dissertation
  • Henry Rodriguez -
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti for Dissertation
  • Charlene Higgs -1996
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti
  • Jess Jessop -
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti
  • Tanty - Native American Pala
    • Interviewed by Frank Nobiletti for Dissertation
  • Fritz Klein - Bisexual scholar and activist
    • Interviewed by Regina Reinhardt
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Available Video Interviews at the Archives
Accession Number
Barney Frank 0060
Brigit Wilson, Kim Alister 0007
Brigit, Kim, Chris, Dennis, Frank 0005
Carolyn Springer 0402
Chastity Bono 0225
Dr. Fauci 0037
Frank Buitino 0068
Janet Cooling 0404 / 0405
Jess Jessop 0292
Julie Warren 0026
K.D. Lang 0057
Kandy Riccoboni 0406
Lynda Koolish 0403
Morris Kight 0043
Oral History: SD Pride 2004 0408
Pat Cluchey 0008
Pedro Zamora 0002
Sidney Miraz 0105
Woman’s Interviews for S.O.L. 0033
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