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Lifetime Family Membership Award
Tom Reise & Fritz Klein

Lambda Archivesí first Lifetime Family Membership Award was given to Tom Reise, and posthumously, to his partner, Fritz Klein, in appreciation of their contributions to Lambda Archives as well as the community, especially the Bisexual community.  Fritz Klein was a world-renowned scholar of bisexuality and doctor of psychiatry.  The couple has been activists and patrons of the LGBT community, as well as the San Diego arts, through their various foundations.

Originally from Chicago, Tom moved to Los Angeles in 1987 and then to San Diego in 1995. In 2004, he and his partner, Fritz Klein, opened Indulgence, a sugar-free bakery and cafe. Indulgence catered to people with diabetes and those interested in healthy cuisine.

As co-trustee of Fritz's estate, Tom is on the board of both Fritz's charitable foundations, American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB) and California Institute of Contemporary Arts (CICA). He is also involved with greyhound rescue and has adopted or fostered six greyhounds over the past decade.

Dr. Fritz Klein was born in Vienna, Austria in 1932.ln 1955 Fritz received an MBA from Columbia University and in 1961 an MD. from Bern University in Switzerland, with a specialty in psychiatry. Klein was the founder of the Bisexual Forum, but is best known for his pioneering sex research and the development of the multi-dimensional Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, which was first published in the second edition of his work, The Bisexual Option. Klein also founded the American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB), to encourage, support and assist research and education about bisexuality. A patron of the arts, Fritz was the founder of The California Institute of Contemporary Arts, a not-for-profit charity. In addition to his professional achievements, Klein was instrumental in the development of the Diversionary Theatre and Lambda Archives. Klein passed away on May 24,2006. His caring and compassion will prove a lasting legacy.

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